Due to a budget cut enacted by the state of California, the park is slated for closure in 2012. We love this park, as do many others, and want to do all we can to keep it open.

Attempting to climb 29,029 feet (8848 meters) on a single mountain bike ride in Coe is a crazy undertaking, to put it mildly, but if it helps draw attention and direct funds to the park, it will be more than worth it; three Coe-crazies are taking on this challenge (Roy, Patrick and Dirk): more about us and our motivation and why we think the Coe Park Preservation Fund is a great cause.


To have the highest chance of success, we're looking for a relatively cool day, which is hard to plan for in the summer, as Coe gets often times ridiculously hot. Hence we plan our attempt in fall: the provisional date is October 1, 2011 - aligned with the second running of the HC100 (which will be part of the 'Everest' course). Keep an eye on our updates and notices for the latest (you'll also find a Facebook and Twitter stream there).


Easy: you can either click the 'Donate' button above to directly donate to the CPPF; if you can, please refer to 'Coe Everest Challenge' while making the donation (you can leave a note by clicking on the "Add special instructions to the seller" link on the Paypal donation site).

Or, if you want to wait until you see your money's worth, contact us to make a pledge; for instance, send us a message of intent saying you'll donate x amount of cents for every foot climbed by individual y and afterwards we'll come claim the proceeds! (Actually, we won't do much claiming, as we'll trust your word and rely on the honor system).

scene 1 from Coe

29k ft of climbing also means: lotsa descending! (photo credit: Jeff G.)

scene 2 from Coe

Coe is home to many great sites and sights.

scene 3 from Coe

I just had to use this photo of Roy, illustrating the archetypical suffering inflicted by Coe climbs.